Sunday, September 27, 2009

Animation 300 - "The Stapler"

The assignment was to take an inanimate object and give it life. We made reference videos before animating the objects. I have to say this was a very fun project and I did learn a lot more from this on animation just because of the process. Hope you like it and no I would not consider myself even close to professional, YET.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Character Silhouettes - Game Team

First set of silhouettes.

Second set of silhouettes.

Third (really abstract) set of silhouettes.

The final eight. These were chosen to be in the game.


Thumbnails that I used during the summer to create my 3D environment which was suppose to be my Junior Project environment, but that fell through due to curriculum changes. Oh well it was fun to do.

I am a strong believer in thumbnails and the process. The above are very rough ideas that I have had lingering in my head for a long time. Some of these are even dreams I've had, so why not thumb them out. I may take some and explore more.

Doodles, you know drawings we do on the side.

Just some drawings I did on the side. It's good to break away from all strict requirements set on us at DigiPen. Nothing great, but I am constantly drawing everyday either it be for assignments/projects or for fun.