Friday, October 29, 2010

Zbrush Assighment: HipHog Village

Hippo studies.
Hippo and huts on stilt studies.
More Village Hut concepts.
More hut concepts.
Some more village concepts. I redesigned the huts because I had a hard time trying to figure out how huts will be stable on stilts on a hippos back. Also how would they be mounted onto the back of the hippo. Susan, senior projects teammate, helped me decide how the huts were going to be placed on the back of the hippo. So, instead of stilts the huts will sit on floating platforms tied down with strong ropes which are tied to the horns on the hiphogs back.
Added nose and ear ring. This is a redesign of the hippo. I wanted to stay away from just having a hippo so I attachded a hiphog head? Funny stuff.
Line work of the HipHog with ropes and huts on his back.
Tree Helm designed.Morphed Hippo painted.
Built a village on his back.
Semi-finished concept art. I believe I have enough of what I need to achieve what I envisioned.

What I love about this assignment is the fact I am able to take something that has been stirring around in my brain and put it down and use it for Zbrush. I love sculpting in Zbrush and often do 30 minute sculpt exercises learning new things each time. This assignment will not only produce a portfolio piece but satisfy some of my thirst for creating something pretty unique in design and story. I can't wait to show you my finished work. Thanks for visiting.

Frank Beleno
Zbrush Artist / 3D Environments Artist

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Something I did over the summer...

Something I started...not sure I will finish it soon. So much other stuff I need to work on. I was able to incorporate it into the below scene though, but even that is rough.


Hipp study drawings.

Drawings I did during ArenaNet's visit to DigiPen.

Building on stilts concept idea for Zbrush class.

Hipp and building on stilts study for Zbrush class.